Dirk started his career as a DJ in 2005, when he had his first DJ gig at his local field hockey club. That brought him to attention with a local party-bar in his hometown, Tilburg (NL). He started playing regular nights mulitple times a week at this bar. Which got him booked for events across The Netherlands. In 2007, he landed his first gigs abroad, in Gran Canaria. Playing every night for two weeks. He continued to grow and this led to gigs across Europe in countries like Greece, Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain.

Over the years, he has developed his own style by playing numerous high-end private events. His music is a blend of house music in the broadest sense of that 'label'. Ranging from funky house to dance classic, and from peaktime mainstage tunes to driving tech house. With his years of experience playing full nights he has put in the hours. Picking up on a crowd and with his extensive collection of music he doesn’t shy away from the occasional blast from the past.

During the last months of 2022 Dirk started to learn the saxophone. Over the years, a lot of saxophonist played along his music during gigs. He always admired these musicians and was very much aware of the extra spark the brought to the stage. The first goal of picking up the saxophone was to have fun, but always with the dream of bringing his saxophone on stage. Which has became a reality at the end of the summer of 2023. He started to incorporate the sax into his DJ-sets.

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